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Forex Trading: Is It Easy to Do?

We've simplified forex learning - discover how easy it is to get in on the action

Forex Chart What is forex?  Lots of people are talking about it, and some are even making money with it.  But what exactly is forex?

Forex is simply an abbreviation for the Foreign Exchange market.  Similar to the stock markets, you can buy and sell international currencies for the purpose of investing.  If you buy and sell currencies at the right times, you can make yourself a handsome profit!

Certain things make forex market appealing to investors.  It's a versatile market that's open to everyone, so whether you've got $25 or a few million to invest, you can learn how to make money at forex.  Here are just a few highlights of the forex market that investors have come to love:
  • with over $3 trillion daily turnover, forex is by far the world's largest market
  • open 24 hours/day, you can work your own hours (from home)
  • high leverage: you get to 'borrow' and use a high ratio of your broker's money on every trade
  • predictability: forex market swings are often identifiable, once you learn how it's done
  • it's easy to get started - all you need is a computer and as  little as $25-$100

The versatility of this market is unparalleled.  A person investing from home can work their own hours, choose their own trading style, set their own risk levels, use their favorite trading software, learn to trade with different kinds of indicators, etc.  Forex attracts all different kinds of people because of the flexibility it provides.

How Can I Get Started in Forex?
Which currency will go up next?It's easier than you might think.  All you need is a computer, a forex trading platform (a 'broker'), some investing cash, and a little time.  If you need help choosing a forex broker, visit our forex software reviews to find a trading platform that will suit your needs.  Many brokers even offer a first time deposit bonus to help get you started.

You might find you enjoy forex daytrading - buying and selling currencies within hours or minutes.  Or maybe you'll prefer letting your trades settle over a few days or even weeks.  Or you might enjoy investing in long term trades, and not close your trades for months at a time.  Whatever your choice, the forex market can accommodate you.  You can set the parameters for your own personal trading style.

Other forex options include trading based on financial news releases, versus trading the predictability of the charts.  Certain news reports can make currencies jump around, and if you believe you know what way it's going to push each currency you can invest and earn as the news influences the market.  On the other hand, you can learn how to read forex candlestick charts like a pro, and learn how to predict what the chart is going to do next.  These two different trading philosophies are complete opposites, and they can both work if applied properly.

Why has Forex Become so Popular all of the Sudden?
Availability, for one thing.  Until the 1990's people weren't able to log onto their computer and start buying large sums of foreign currencies.  But that's just part of it.

Gold key with dollar signThis market has so much flexibility that almost everyone can find a way to make forex work for them.  If you're willing to commit some time to learning how the forex market works, there is plenty of opportunity in this market.

Spend some time practicing on a demo account before you put some money in, because there are risks involved (as with any investment).  All of the forex brokers we list on this site offer free demo accounts for you to learn how to use their forex trading software, as well as learn how to become a profitable forex trader.


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